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Meet The Team - PSS Billing Service - Handling your client billing needs. Billing Solutions for Psychologists, by Psychologists
2007 Roseland Ave, Royal Oak, MI 48073
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Our Team

Chris – Owner

We created PSS Billing because we were getting frustrated paying for other solutions that weren’t giving us the results we were looking for.  I love being able to support other therapists and to empower them to be able to work more with their clients and spend less time on billing.

Joe – Owner

As a therapist, I’ve been in practice for over 24 years. So, I started with PSS Billing because of the problems with other billing systems that weren’t meeting our needs as therapists. Although I created this for my wife and I, it has become a great gift to many other therapists. And I’m happy to share it with you.

Jeanie – Billing Assistant

Chris and I met in a dance class.  Chris was explaining that she was gathering information for the ICD changes. In the middle of the conversation, when I told her I had about 20 years’ experience myself in the medical field doing coding and billing, Chris asked me if I wanted to come work for her. The rest is history.  And I’m so glad because I love it here. When I’m working with clients, they’re treated with respect and they’re getting honest answers. I like putting in the effort to make sure the information is correct.

Sherrie – Billing Director

I had already known Joe and Chris when they asked me to join up with PSS Billing. I had over 37 years’ experience in the medical billing field, and I’m a former business owner myself. This helps me understand the concerns of those who are in private practice. I love working with our clients, getting to know them, and supplying timely and accurate answers to their questions.